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Adapt & Thrive through The Menopause Years & Beyond

In western culture, in particular, we tend to see menopause as a medical event, and we turn over our advocacy to the medical model.

The Menopause Years and Beyond are so much more. They are both universal and unique, and it is here that complexity can lie.

And yes, we want access to prompt, compassionate, effective medical interventions when required. However, these years are too big an event for the medical model alone.

We should encourage medicine to bring the best it has, but it shouldn’t be steering the ship. That is our job.

A recent research study conducted by First in The Queue has shown an unmet need for courses designed specifically for women experiencing The Menopause Years.

The Menopause Years offers evidence-based menopause education and resources, combined with the direct application of mindfulness practices to assist in the mitigation of menopausal symptoms.

Menopause is a universal phenomenon for women. It can, and should, be viewed as a biological process in conjunction with a new life stage.

This stage can be characterised by the occurrence of significant life stressors and changes in personal, family, and professional responsibilities.

The Menopause Years can be regarded as being from 40 – 65 years. The decline in women’s psychological and physical health is reported to start many years before clinical menopause (the cessation of periods). Therefore prevention of its consequences should be a priority. The symptoms of menopause are intricate and pervasive, with many women experiencing direct physical and psychological symptoms because of hormone changes in the body.

Our training and resources do not guarantee that all associated problems or concerns will go away — but the knowledge and skills learnt will provide you with the ability and strength to see beyond them, increase your understanding, manage a skilful path through the menopause transition and help you to realise your potential as you get older.

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